Screen recording with Vnc2swf


Article from Issue 73/2006

If you want to offer visitors to your website more than a text-based howto, why not publish a video-based tutorial with Vnc2swf.

A popular theory states that, the more senses you engage while learning, the more likely you are to remember the material. Software de velopers have put this principle to work with a new generation of multimedia user guides. Vnc2swf [1] is an Open Source screen recording tool that lets you capture screen activity and store the results in a movie. You can even add an audio component to your demo. When you are finished, you can publish the new tutorial on your website. Vnc2swf creates a Flash movie from a VNC session. To view the movie, you need a Flash Player plugin for your browser. (See "Flash Player Plugin.") To record a VNC session, launch a VNC Server to display the screen con tents in a separate window. Then use Vnc2swf to record the contents of the window. The program creates an SWF file, which it then embeds in a HTML file that you can view with a browser.

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