Reviewing Paragon’s NTFS for Linux 5.0



Paragon’s NTFS for Linux is a low-cost commercial alternative for accessing NTFS from Linux.

Linux drivers that allow access to Windows NTFS have been available for a number of years. Initially read-only, they have made some progress in the past few years. You’ll learn about some of these alternatives in other parts of this issue, including Captive, which uses Wine to access NTFS through the original Windows driver, and the Linux-NTFS project, which is building a collection of tools around an Open Source driver. A commercial equivalent to these tools is Paragon’s NTFS for Linux. Of course, the benefits of NTFS for Linux compared to the Open Source alternatives will depend on your situation. But at under US$ 20 for the Personal Edition, NTFS for Linux does provide a low-cost and effective solution for many users.

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Paragaon_NTFS_for_Linux.pdf (163.75 kB)