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Article from Issue 78/2007

What is WikidPad? Well, that’s a tough one. The author calls it an “IDE for thoughts,” and although that’s a pretty good description, it just doesn’t really do WikidPad justice. Basically, WikidPad is what you want it to be: a notebook, an address book, a to-do manager, and a desktop wiki.

No matter what you call it, WikidPad is one of the most useful tools for anyone looking for an easy and effective way to organize snippets of data and knowledge. As the name suggests, WikidPad borrows its fundamental idea from wiki: any word can be turned into a wiki word, and each wiki word acts as a link to a separate page. This allows users to seamlessly create new pages as well as navigate through the entire wiki in a non-linear manner. However, because WikidPad is a desktop application, it offers a few additional features that take the wiki idea to a whole new level.

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