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Spartan, but functional – the Tin newsreader does without optical gadgets and concentrates on core Usenet-related functionality.

The Tin program is one of the oldest newsreaders around, and it is still an attractive program for today’s users. The Tin newsreader takes some getting used to, but it does continue running when more recent tools have given up, and it performs well when you are working with the console or on machines that are low on resources. If you are looking for a program that manages your contacts and to-do list, includes a text editor with a spellchecker, will log you on to ICQ, and will make you a cup of coffee while you’re surfing Usenet, Tin is not what you need. On the other hand, if you are looking for a trusted tool that is custom built for surfing Usenet, give Tin a try. If your distribution does not include the Tin newsreader, which would be surprising, you can download the program from the project website. The installation is fast and easy; check out the “Installing from the Source Code” box, for assistance.

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Tin_Newsreader.pdf  (208.38 kB)