Easy network access with Wicd



Mobile users change networks in rapid succession. Wicd quickly and conveniently manages the corresponding profiles.

Road warriors and users who use their notebooks in frequently changing environments make frequent use of their systems’ network managers. Unfortunately, network managers are not in a software genus that typically lends itself to quick and easy use. Wicd provides an alternative: The lean network manager offers a simple user interface that gives you everything you need to configure wired and wireless networks.

The Python-based program acts as a front end for various scripts. Originally, Wicd was developed as a replacement for the Ubuntu Network Manager, although support has been extended to other distributions. Wicd works well with alternative interfaces such as XFCE, IceWM, or Fluxbox. Thanks to its small footprint and frugal resource requirements, the tool feels at home on older, less powerful laptops. At the same time, Wicd supports a wide range of network cards and encryption types.

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