Processing RAW files with RawTherapee

Chromatic Scales

Chromatic aberrations can be removed with the use of Remove chromatic aberration. Depending on whether you are removing a red or blue cast, you can move the slider to the left or right until the color cast disappears.

In the end, all photographers want to make the best of their images. Often this is done by selecting the perfect detail from a photograph. Configuration elements to help you do so are available below Detail. For easier orientation, the program will show you various guides, such as Golden Section or Diagonal (Figure 4). The Keep aspect option, which is enabled by default, keeps the detail in a photo-compatible format. You can enable the selection by clicking Select detail, which you can then move to any position in the image by pressing the Shift key and holding down the left mouse button.


RawTherapee is easily the best manipulation tool for RAW images on Linux right now. It can handle any format and holds its own with commercial programs. The lack of a batch mode and the broken color noise filter preview are the only minor niggles right now.

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