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    Users who move from Windows to Linux often miss some of their favorite programs and games. Wouldn't it be practical to run Windows applications on the free Linux operating system? Time for a little taste of Wine.

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    More and more Windows applications run on Linux thanks to Wine. If you spend a little time on configuration and troubleshooting, you won’t be stuck in Windows – even with applications that no one dreamed would run on Linux.

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    The Wine compatibility layer lets Linux users run Windows programs. Unfortunately, configuring Wine is anything but trivial, and it helps if you enjoy experimenting.

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  • Linux distros

    Yes I to would like to see other linux distro on the mags dvd instead of the same old masters Fedora, Ubuntu Mandriva, Suse. just because they are the most popular...they have got to be, with every Linux publication pushing them, If I never saw Fedora, Ubuntu Mandriv or Suse again that would be to soon they do need to take a back seat and give others a chance

    I downloaded Sabayon 4, Now that is something to shout about Everything worked, choice of desktops from the login page pick which desktop you want KDE. Gnome, Xfce or what ever, logon and you have the desktop. 3D desktop graphics all setup, 3D action games. and best of all online live help,
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