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First the fun, then the pleasure: This month, we look at a TCP that administrators have to take seriously, followed by some URL fun.

If you need to smooth the kinks out of your network services, very likely you will take Tcpdump and Wireshark out of your toolbox. But honestly, both are slightly less than intuitive, and you need to be a genuine expert to interpret the results. Tcpflow, on the other hand, is infinitely more intelligible.

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  • TCPflow

    Hi Lenny,

    TCPFlow will not work with any other protocal than TCP.
    ICMP and ARP are different protocols on different OSI layers.

    Best regards,
  • tcpflow with arp

    How do you get tcpflow to work with both arp and icmp packets? I've tried various combinations but for one reason or the other it either just doesn't start or it doesn't capture anything.
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057-057_charly.pdf (1.79 MB)