Creating your own Mumble server

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Article from Issue 148/2013

The Mumble server lets you hear your multiplayer game opponents over VoIP, freeing you from inconvenient text chat during game play.

Many multiplayer games offer lackluster text chat that gets in the way of game play by changing a player’s focus from playing the game to typing messages. Mumble [1] is a powerful, highperformance, client-server voice over IP (VoIP) application that solves this problem brilliantly. With Mumble, you can voice chat with your teammates, or anyone else, allowing you to stay focused on the game.

Mumble is a powerful VoIP FOSS solution to the closed-source, proprietary TeamSpeak and Ventrilo servers. Crossplatform support makes it a powerful and ubiquitous tool for improving your gaming experience, with no lame software limitations or arbitrary and expensive licensing fees.

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