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Article from Issue 158/2014

The UberWriter text editor, which is optimized for Markdown, includes a number of interesting features and does some amazing things. We show you how it works.

An abundance of text editors are available for Linux, and new software really needs to stand out from the crowd to have a chance of being discovered by users. For example, Gedit on Ubuntu means that a solid editor is always just a click away. When a configuration file or text file is processed, the system calls this editor as the standard tool. So, if everything works, why change?

The UberWriter text editor has a number of good things going for it. You can, of course, use UberWriter to edit the configuration files of your software or shell scripts; however, the developer doubtless did not have this kind of work in mind when designing the application. The program is aimed more at users who decide a word processor is not a good choice for certain kinds of paperwork and tasks. For example, scripts, documentation, and wiki articles are often based on simple text files. When working with such documents, traditional editors work much faster than any word processor. What is particularly striking about UberWriter, however, is its very plain but elegantly designed interface.

Premium Product

UberWriter is special not only because of its interface design but also in that its developer offers the software in two versions. If you search the Software Center on Ubuntu for UberWriter, the latest version is available for purchase at US$  5. This modest price means that you can actively support the ongoing development of the program and express your appreciation at the same time. However, the developer does not receive the full purchase amount. The company behind Ubuntu also takes its share. In other words, your purchase also supports the ongoing development of Ubuntu.


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