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Many people have declared the granddaddy of scripting, Perl, to be dead. A look at new items in the CPAN software repository, however, shows that the community is still quite active.

To paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche, and may I be forgiven for doing so, "When Zarathustra was alone, however, he spoke thus to his heart: Is it possible? This old saint has not yet heard in his forest that Perl is dead!"

No question: Perl as a programming language has lost some of its significance. Few youngsters today have enough patience to grapple with the admittedly whimsical peculiarities of what used to be the leading scripting language. For years, many users have been moving off in various directions. This does not seem to affect the will of diehard Perl hackers, however. Hardly a day goes by without 50 new module versions appearing on CPAN [1] (Figure 1).

This edition of my column accesses some of the most useful and entertaining modules I stumbled upon while reviewing what the Perl community has released in the past two weeks.


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