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Article from Issue 161/2014


This month's question continues the "Booting via PXE" problem reported in last month's column  [1].

PXE Booting Knoppix (and Other Distros)

Dear Klaus! I have checked out [my setup] again now. First of all, the terminal server does recognize the network card of my client to be a Realtek 8111D/8168 PCI Gigabit Ethernet controller. (I had started a Live Knoppix on exactly the client that later I want to PXE boot.) I have selected ALL the available NIS drivers (RTL 8168 is not there, however, so I hope the RTL 8169 will do), because I want a system which can not only PXE this particular client. I have set up the PXE environment with the miniroot created from the terminal server. It fails to boot. It gets stuck with a message:

Loading network device module(s)
   Probing network device(s) handled by nfsv4.ko.sh: can't access tty;
job control turned off
/ # [ ....."


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