Article from Issue 163/2014

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Linux Pro Online *

Off the Beat * Bruce Byfield

The birth of SpinachCon. User testing is often limited in free software, but Deb Nicholson is developing SpinachCon to get developers and users together.

Mir vs. Wayland Show Why Upstream Projects Matter. This controversy wouldn't be happening if upstream development was kept upstream.

Productivity Sauce * Dmitri Popov

Dig up Photos Buried in Email with Lost Photos Found. When you finally pull all your photos from the cloud to your machine, you'll need the Lost Photos Found script.

Keep Track of Your Current Work with a Bash Function. With a simple custom now() function, you can keep track of all the things you are working on.

git-sh: Bash Environment for Git Work. Git-sh transforms the Bash shell into an environment for working with Git.

Paw Prints * Jon "maddog" Hall

University Students! Earn money while coding cool Free and Open Source projects! Check out this way to make some extra money while getting experience!


A Library for Many Jobs * Carsten Schnober

The Joblib Python Library handles problems like parallelization, memorization, and saving and loading objects in no time.

Monitoring HPC Systems: Ganglia * Jeff Layton

Ganglia is probably the most popular monitoring framework/tool. We show you how to install and configure Ganglia and get it up and running on a simple two-node system.

ADMIN Online

Cloud Orchestration with Cloudify * Martin Loschwitz

Cloud computing is forcing admins to rethink automation, because tools like Puppet do not provide a sufficient range of configuration options. Cloudify offers a new direction for orchestration in the cloud.

Supercharge Your Website with Amazon CloudFront * Joseph Guarino

Users who lose interest in websites that don't respond in the expected time take their clicks elsewhere. We look at ways to improve your WordPress website performance.

Smarter Threat Management with OSSIM * Joseph Guarino

The Open Source Security Information and Event Management system helps IT security professionals cut through noise and gain wisdom and foresight in defending and managing their networks.


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