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Off the Beat * Bruce Byfield

KDE Plasma 5: A New Awareness of Design The release of KDE Plasma 5 is mostly a technical event. However, one fact that is being mostly ignored is that Plasma 5 is the first release in which the KDE Visual Design Group has been at work attempting to improve Plasma visually.

Distro Hopping I know several people who make a habit of changing distributions every few weeks. They install a new distribution, and for a few days they have nothing but praise for it. But the honeymoon soon ends, the complaints start, and they are back hunting for the perfect version of Linux.

Fifteen years in free software Fifteen years ago this week, free software became a major part of my life. It was a change that took me to places I never imagined and introduced me to people I otherwise would never have met, almost none of which I regret.

Productivity Sauce * Dmitri Popov

Dillinger: Markdown Editor Done Right It seems that writing a markdown text editor is a popular pastime for many developers: Hardly a day goes by without yet another markdown editor popping up somewhere on the web.

Paw Prints * Jon "maddog" Hall

We are not programming in 1991 anymore! As I write this I am also copying a talk given in February 1996 at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) about the port of Linux to DEC's Alpha AXP processor.


Monitoring HPC Systems By Jeff Layton

Ganglia is probably the most popular monitoring framework and tool, in that HPC, Big Data, and even cloud systems are using it.

Metadata for Your Data By Jeff Layton

If you are reading this article, you likely have a Linux system or a Linux cluster somewhere – or even a *nix system.

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Kickstack: OpenStack with Puppet By Martin Loschwitz

If you have tried a manual OpenStack installation before, you will have noticed that some configuration steps are identical among the various OpenStack components; that is, you perform the same operations several times.

Monitoring with collectd 4.3 By Martin Loschwitz

Collectd 4.3 is a comprehensive monitoring tool with a removable plug-in architecture.

Container Virtualization Comeback with Docker

By Martin Loschwitz Docker helps the Linux container achieve an appealing comeback and integrates some features missing from earlier container solutions.


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