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© Lead Image © Anatoli Babi,

© Lead Image © Anatoli Babi,

Article from Issue 167/2014

Git-annex Assistant is a handy web interface that lets you use the power of Git to synchronize data across several computers.

Git-annex comes directly from the heart of the Linux ecosystem. It lets users manage files in a Git repository and sync them across multiple devices, such as an encrypted archive in the cloud or a backup on an external hard drive or SSH server. Once you have mastered Git-annex, you can accomplish these tasks with ease.

The abundance of options may deter some people from using the tool. This fear is countered by the Git-annex Assistant front end, which hides the complexity behind a modern web interface.


Although packages are available for the most common distributions like Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu, these usually lag far behind the current state of development. Debian "Wheezy" and Ubuntu "Precise" have version 3.2 in their repositories, which does not yet support the Assistant. Ubuntu "Trusty" at least comes with version 5.2, but because of the fast pace of development, it makes more sense to install the precompiled binary archives [1].


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