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© Lead Image © irstone,

© Lead Image © irstone,

Article from Issue 196/2017

When applications run in a cloud system on Amazon Web Services, operators can forget management worries and concentrate instead on the essence of the app. Codemeister Mike Schilli performs the basic setup of the web service in the first part of this workshop.

Start-up companies attempting to shake the market in a flash and preparing for the onslaught of millions of happy users usually won't spend time or resources tending a server farm whose operation needs a knack for patches, reliability, and scaling. Streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify make no secret of the fact that large parts of their infrastructure run on rented clouds operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Although that makes them dependent on the operator, apparently even industry giants gain advantages by outsourcing infrastructure.


If you want to start off on a small scale and take your first few steps in the direction of cloud deployment, you first face a tangled mess of different service offerings and the emotional hurdle of credit card-based server operation. Amazon only takes your money, however, if you go beyond the scope of their free tier [1].

When I recently decided to make my surveillance video motion detection method [2] publicly available in the cloud, After reading about event-driven serverless applications [3] and building single-page apps on AWS [4], I was surprised, on the one hand, how quickly you can set up a web service at the command line and, on the other, the amazingly confusing number of configuration tweaks you need to adjust.


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