IoT communication with the Adafruit IO API

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Article from Issue 203/2017

The Adafruit IO API offers a convenient means for network-ready sensors and other components.

The development of the Arduino platform [1] a little more than 10 years ago opened the world of electronic sensors to a wider audience. Around that time, the US engineer Limor Fried, also known as Lady Ada, founded Adafruit Industries [2]. Her goal was to make it easier to handle electronic components.

Adafruit's compact circuit boards combine electronic components with easy-to-handle breakout boards, saving the user the time and effort of configuring the components separately. Even for complex circuits and sensors based on industry protocols, such as I2C or SPI, all you need is a program in C++ and the necessary libraries.

Another recent trend is services that manage sensors and control components over the Internet. Simple web services provide measurement data for display in a browser window. A user at the browser or an automation script can transmit configurations and send switch signals to the components.


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