Needlework – Digitize your LPs and cassettes with Audacity

Needlework – Digitize your LPs and cassettes with Audacity

Article from Issue 206/2018

Armed with the Audacity sound editor, you can convert the analog content of LPs, tapes, and cassettes to the digital world.

The good old vinyl LP is currently experiencing a revival – you will even see hipsters listening to cassettes – but it is not a good idea to expose these treasures to the ravages of time: Audacity helps you archive analog music in a digital format on your hard drive.


In their day, records and cassettes were undoubtedly milestones in the development of music media. Many of us still have shelves full of these now archaic sound storage media in the attic or basement. Whereas vinyl LPs are seeing a growing community of friends flocking back to the fold, the miniature version of the reel-to-reel audiotape has shrunk virtually to irrelevance.

You might already have replaced many of your old treasures with CDs, but some old recordings mastered in professional recording studios were probably only ever available on LP. Certainly private recordings, demos, and local productions of your school band are consigned to the medium of their era. Therefore, it is important to preserve these treasures against decay.


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