Mind Map

Mind Map

Article from Issue 209/2018

Compendium helps bring order to ideas and thoughts and link them to form a complex map from which you can derive arguments and decisions.

Collecting ideas, thoughts, and information is important in a wide variety of fields. Visualizing this process enables you to identify networks, which makes it easier to evaluate and use the data. The English author Tony Buzan developed the principle of mind mapping for this purpose.

Compendium [1] is a powerful program for creating mind maps on the computer. The program doesn't just replace a notepad: At seminars in combination with a projector, you can create collaborative mind maps that you can then email directly to all participants.

Compendium is not included in the package sources of common distributions, so you need to download the current version from GitHub [2]. The program, written in Java, runs on any platform but requires a current Java Runtime Environment [3] on the system. To install, run the file you downloaded. The program is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), which you accept in the first screen. Next, select a target directory for the installation, ideally /opt/compendium/.


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