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© Lydia Pintscher Image By VGrigas (WMF) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3

© Lydia Pintscher Image By VGrigas (WMF) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3

Article from Issue 211/2018

Two leaders of the KDE project report on priorities and celebrate a funding victory.

The KDE project recently received a $200,000 donation from the Pineapple Fund. Swap sat down with Lydia Pintscher, the president of KDE e.V. board, and Sebastian Kügler, the former vice president of the board, to understand the goals of the KDE project and how the KDE community will use the funds to further those goals.

KDE is one of the oldest open source communities. The KDE project was founded by Matthias Ettrich in 1996 as an attempt to build a better desktop for Unix systems. Today, the KDE project has evolved into a massive community that creates more than just a desktop environment for Linux and BSD. To better manage a growing community, Ettrich also created a non-profit organization called KDE e.V.

KDE e.V. supports the KDE community in legal and financial matters. According to Lydia Pintscher, "We also fund KDE-related events like Akademy and developer sprints. We pay the bills for the servers that host the source code, in addition to a lot of other things."


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