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© Lead Image © pixelrobot, 123RF.com

© Lead Image © pixelrobot, 123RF.com

Article from Issue 211/2018

If you are looking for a lean but modern Linux with a solid foundation and seamless cloud connection, take a look at Peppermint OS.

Modern Linux users expect a robust system complete with office suites, cloud services, multimedia applications, and games. Gathering all these requirements under one roof requires lots of space for a large number of available applications.

Unfortunately, resource consumption increases with software requirements, so older or less powerful computer systems quickly reach their limits. Peppermint OS is an attempt to package the tools of a contemporary OS into a distro that will run on old hardware. The result is an appealing mix of lean and partly self-developed software based on Lubuntu.

Peppermint OS aims to make a good impression on legacy hardware. In addition to the 1.2GB image for state-of-art 64-bit systems, the developers also offer an ISO image for 32-bit computers [1]. Both variants of the system, which are based on the code of Ubuntu 16.04, will be supported until 2021.


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