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© Lead Image © donatas1205 ,

© Lead Image © donatas1205 ,

Article from Issue 212/2018

Throw out the cumbersome pencil and paper; you can design, draw, and test digital circuits with Logisim.

Processors are at the heart of every computer – from PCs to tablets to smartphones. Therefore, computer architecture is part of every computer science curriculum. During your studies, you get to peek under the hood of the computer and learn how to design digital circuits, which is exactly where Logisim [1] comes into play. Logisim is a useful tool for learning how to use digital circuits to create electronic designs and simulate small circuits – or even entire microprocessors.

Ubuntu and Fedora offer Logisim as a package of the same name in their repositories, so you can install it through the distribution's package manager and call it up from the menu. For other distributions, you can download the generic version of the software from SourceForge [2] and use the command:

$ java -jar logisim-generic-<Version>.jar


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