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Article from Issue 212/2018

Ubuntu 18.04 released, Richard Stallman calls Azure Sphere OS a positive step, RHEL 7.5 released, Microsoft releases a Linux-based OS, and Red Hat and Microsoft join forces for Hybrid Cloud. 

Ubuntu 18.04 Released

Canonical has announced the release of Ubuntu 18.04, aka Bionic Beaver. It's a long term support (LTS) release that's suitable for enterprise customers and servers. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will be supported for five years for Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, and Ubuntu Core.

Ubuntu 18.04 is also the first Ubuntu LTS, after years, that ships with Gnome as the default desktop shell. In recent releases, Canonical has used its own Unity shell on top of Gnome to gain more influence and control over the user experience.

Ubuntu 18.04 comes with a customized version of Linux Kernel 4.15 that adds support for the latest hardware and peripherals. Some of the hardware-focused improvements that this kernel brings to Ubuntu include a CPU controller for the cgroup v2 interface, AMD secure memory encryption support, the latest AMD driver with software RAID enhancements, and management for systems with SATA Link Power Management.


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