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Tutorials – Kdenlive and ImageMagick

Article from Issue 213/2018

By using two very different tools, Kdenlive and ImageMagick, you can make animation less tediousness and create some pretty cool video effects and transitions.

Back in Linux Magazine issue 209 [1], I used FFmpeg and animation to create a transition from one video clip to another. In that instance, I used a Pacman animation with a transparent area and a blue, chroma area to make Pacman gobble up the first clip and lead in to the second.

Although that was fun, it required some serious and not too intuitive FFmpeg-fu to pull off. Also, placing the transition exactly where I needed it proved tricky, and it wasn't possible to know if I had done it right until I had rendered the final film.

That is why the Free Software gods have purveyed us with things like graphical video editors. Kdenlive [2] is currently my favorite, and, although I did say back in issue 209 that you couldn't use the chroma technique in Kdenlive in one go (you had to use one project to merge the first clip with the animation, render, then start a new project, and merge the rendered clip with the second clip), you can create the custom transition effect in one go using a different technique: masks.


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