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Article from Issue 214/2018

Graphical frontends make it easier to take full advantage of the Systemd process manager. We examine some leading tools for the KDE environment.

For administrators as well as power users, the Systemd init daemon [1] requires training due to its many options and innovations. However, if you are in a hurry – or if you are accustomed working within a GUI interface – you can speed up the learning curve by using one of Systemd's graphical frontends. Systemd has several GUI options, each with its own range of functions. Most of the Systemd GUIs are based on established desktop environments such as KDE Plasma or Gnome, but cross-desktop solutions are also available.

Kcmsystemd [2], Systemd-kcm [3], and SystemdGenie [4] are three powerful tools for managing Systemd in KDE and other Qt-based desktop environments. In addition to displaying current system status, these frontend tools serve as a convenient interface for viewing and modifying information stored in Systemd configuration files (see the box entitled "Background.")

Trilateral Test

Kcmsystemd and Systemd-kcm were originally developed for the KDE desktop. Kcmsystemd was designed for KDE SC 4.x interfaces, and Systemd-kcm was created for Plasma 5 environments. SystemdGenie is similar to Systemd-kcm in its scope of features, but it works as an individual application.


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