Secret Pass

Secret Pass

Article from Issue 215/2018

Pass is a simple shell script that helps you manage and synchronize passwords using Git.

If you are like many Linux users today, you have dozens of online accounts for different services and websites. If you care about security, you are really not supposed to give those accounts the same password; nor is it considered safe to write all your passwords down on paper and store it in your desk drawer. Password managers evolved as a means for letting users store their passwords safely. Password managers differ in form and functionality, but the basic idea is that the password manager stores your passwords in a safe, encrypted format, and you provide one password to gain access to the password store. Instead of having to memorize all your passwords, you just have to memorize one.

Pass [1] is a lean password manager that relies on some classic Linux tools to help you generate and manage your passwords.

What Is Pass?

Pass is basically just a shell script that bundles various tasks involved in managing passwords into functions that are easy to use. The Pass script integrates a number of other tools that make it possible to back up data using strong cryptography, to copy passwords directly to the clipboard, or to manage the entire database using a version control system.


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