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© Photo by naomi tamar on Unsplash

© Photo by naomi tamar on Unsplash

Article from Issue 222/2019

With LibreOffice, you can customize the way you export PDFs.

LibreOffice and related apps have supported the PDF format for over a decade. If nothing else, LibreOffice is a free alternative to the $15 monthly fee required to license Adobe Acrobat tools.

Most people exporting a PDF from LibreOffice just use the default settings, exporting to PDF as quickly as possible. However, those who are more hands-on know that they can do more than accept the default. If users choose, they can customize everything from the pages to export to the look of the exported file in a reader and its initial view from File | Export as | Export as PDF…. By clicking on the General tab, you can see that those options include four PDF format variants: Hybrid, Archive, Tagged, and PDF forms (Figure 1). Each of these PDF types requires different preparation.

Hybrid PDFs

Hybrid PDFs are two files in one: a PDF file and an Open Document Format (ODF) file, which is LibreOffice's default format. A Hybrid PDF acts like a normal PDF file in a reader, but it can open in the appropriate LibreOffice module – Writer, Calc, or Impress.


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