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Dmitri Popov
Krill: News Filtered

Oct 16, 2015 GMT

Overwhelmed by the news stream in your regular RSS aggregator? Try Krill. It may look like yet another text-based RSS aggregator, but this nifty little application has a few clever tricks up its sleeve. For starters, Krill can handle not only RSS and Atom feeds, but also Twitter. Krill can display a single news source, or you can point the application to an .opml file to view all your feeds as a stream. By default, Krill updates the current stream every five minutes, but you can specify a different refresh interval. Krill's most interesting feature, though, is the support for filters. Using the -f flag, you can specify a regular expression pattern to filter the stream. In...
DIY GPS Tracking for Your Android Device

Sep 29, 2015 GMT

Being able to pinpoint the current position of your Android device can come in useful in many situations, but using a third-party app or service may not appeal to privacy-conscious users. If you are one of them, Self-Hosted GPS Tracker might be right up your alley. It consists of two parts: 1) a simple Android app that obtains geographical coordinates and sends them to your own server, 2) a couple of relatively simple PHP scripts parse the pushed data and display the position in an OpenStreetMap-powered map.To get started with Self-Hosted GPS Tracker, clone the project's GitHub repository or download the source code as a ZIP archive, and move the PHP scripts from the server-side folder to...
UrlHosted: Publish Content through URLs

Sep 28, 2015 GMT

Sometimes you need to quickly share a text snippet or a blog post without going through the rigmaroles of dealing with a full-blown web publishing platform. In this situation, UrlHosted can come in rather handy. At first glance, it looks like a no-frills publishing web app, but it features a rather unique approach to storing and publishing content. In fact, it doesn't store content in the traditional sense of the word. Instead it saves the entire content in a URL in the base64 encoded and zipped JSON format. The app itself is stupidly easy to use. Point your browser to and start writing. UrlHosted supports Markdown and HTML formatting, and you can preview...
Connecting to proXPN VPN on Linux with the proXPN Bash Client

Sep 21, 2015 GMT

When the proXPN VPN service offered a premium lifetime subscription for a paltry $39, it was too good of an offer to pass up (this offer on StackSocial may still be valid). So I bought it on the spot. It turned out, though, that while proXPN provides support for OpenVPN, the service doesn't offer any help, tools, or configuration files for Linux users on their website. Of course, with some perseverance and a bit of googling, you can make proXPN work on Linux. But there is actually no need for that thanks to the proXPN Bash Client script devised by Matthew Surabian. Before you proceed, install the OpenVPN software on your system. To do this on Debian and Ubuntu, run the apt-get install...
A Foto Finder: A Lightning Fast Photo Browser for Android

Sep 18, 2015 GMT

When you have thousands of photos on your Android device, you might want to use something more speedy and efficient than Android's default photo gallery app. In this case, A Foto Finder might be just the tool you need. Despite being slightly rough around the edges, this app offers several ways to quickly find desired photos along with a handful of useful features. The folder picker can be used to view photos in a specific folder, while the powerful filtering capabilities make it possible to find photos matching specific criteria like date and geographical coordinates. Speaking of geographical coordinates, A Foto Finder lets you view all geotagged photos on the OpenStreetMap-powered...
Instant Web Stats with GoAccess

Sep 15, 2015 GMT

A web log analyzer can come in rather useful when you run a web server on your own host. And if you need an uncomplicated and easy to deploy web log analyzer, GoAccess is what you need. This tool runs in the terminal and provides real-time web log analysis. GoAccess is available in the official software repositories of popular Linux distributions, so you can install it in a matter of minutes using the default package manager. On Debian and Ubuntu, you can deploy GoAccess by running the apt-get install goaccess command as root. GoAccess requires no configuration, and it's dead-simple in use. On a machine running the Apache server, run the goaccess -f /var/log/apache2/access.log...
Marble Maps Open Beta Released and It Looks Rather Promising

Sep 08, 2015 GMT

Good news for Android-toting users looking for a decent OpenStreetMap-based open source routing app. Dennis Nienhüser announced on his blog a public beta release of Marble Maps. As the name suggests, this app is based on the excellent Marble library and it uses OpenStreetMap as its source. The goal of the project is to create "fast, visually appealing, easy-to-use free software", and if the current beta is anything to go by, the developers are on the right track. Marble Maps features a refreshingly spartan interface void of any bells and whistles. So there is no learning curve, and the app is supremely easy to use. Routing is Mable Maps'...

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