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Dmitri Popov
Build and Track Habits with the Did I App

Mar 31, 2015 GMT

Need a helping hand to develop good habits and get rid of bad ones? Try the Did I app for Android. It is a simple tool that lets you record whether you performed a specific action or not. For example, if you start a language course or 365 photography project, use the app to create Did I practice language? and Did I photograph? entries. You can then use the Yes and No buttons to track your progress, and the dedicated Progress screen provides a visual overview of your performance.Did I is released under the MIT license, and its source code is available in the project's GitHub repository. You can also install Did I from the F-Droid store. The app hasn't been updated for a while, but it still...
Extract Highlights and Annotations from Kobo Ebook Reader

Mar 30, 2015 GMT

Kobo ebook readers are great, but they have one weak spot: there is no easy way to export annotations and highlights. The good news is that Kobo readers run Linux and they store all data (including highlights and annotations) in the KoboReader.sqlite SQLite database inside the hidden .Kobo directory. Better still, you don't have to wrangle the desired data from the database manually: you can use a Python script developed by Alberto Pettarin to do all the hard work for you. Copy the KoboReader.sqlite from your Kbo reader to the local machine, download the script, and make it executable using the chmod +x command. To export all highlights and annotations to a text file...
Extension Watch: Rubber Tab for Google Chrome and Chromium

Mar 27, 2015 GMT

The new tab screen in Google Chrome and Chromium is neither exciting nor particularly useful. And the Rubber Tab extension transforms a new tab page into a hub of useful information. Once installed, the extension adds default bars to the new tab page, including current date and time, new email message count (it supports Gmail only), weather conditions, browser history, and news. The improved interface also conveniently lists all installed Chrome apps, and the links in the lower-right corner give you quick access to bookmarks, Chrome (or Chromium pages), and Google Chrome Web Store. If the default bars are not enough you can add other items, such as Google News, Reddit Inbox, RSS...
Extend Android Clipboard Functionality with ClipStack

Mar 23, 2015 GMT

While Android supports the cut-and-paste functionality, it's seriously limited due to a rather basic clipboard feature. To improve it, install ClipStack. This open source app not only allows you to store an unlimited number of items in the clipboard, it also adds some useful features. For starters, the app lets you view, edit and manage all clipboard items. You can also perform searches and save clipboard history as a plain text file. The clipboard history can be displayed as a notification, which makes it easier to quickly pick the clip you need and paste it into the current app. ClipStack supports Android's sharing capabilities, so you can share clips via all the supported...
Writebox: Almost Perfect Chrome/Chromium Text Editor

Mar 12, 2015 GMT

While it might look like yet another lightweight text editor for Google Chrome and Chromium, Writebox features functionality essential for any writing professional. For starters, Writebox works offline, which makes it a perfect text editor for working on text files while offline -- especially if you happen to use Chromebook. The editor has an unobtrusive interface, and it supports line, word, and character count. Better still, Writebox lets you specify the desired font and configure a handful of other formatting options, such as background and text color, font size, line spacing, and the width of the writing area. All text files created with Writebox are stored locally, but the...
Transfer Photos to Linux from Transcend Wi-Fi SD Card Using TransSVR

Feb 26, 2015 GMT

Transcend Wi-Fi SD cards offer a simple and economical way to add wireless transfer capabilities to your camera. Using the accompanying app, you can use your Android device for transferring and previewing photos. The Wi-Fi SD card also features a web interface, so it's possible to access and transfer photos using a regular browser. But doing this manually every time you need to transfer and preview photos can quickly become a nuisance. The TransSVR Perl script solves the problem by automatically transferring photos from a Wi-Fi SD card to the Linux machine as soon as you take them.To make the script work on your system, make sure that Perl and wget are installed on it. Download the script...
Keep Tabs on Social Media Accounts with HubYard

Feb 25, 2015 GMT

Twitter, Tumblr, RSS, YouTube, Instagram -- there is a myriad of sources that compete for your attention. To make matters worse, each service wants you to use its own app or website, so things can quickly get out of hand if you need to keep up with all your social media services. Enter HubYard -- an open source platform for aggregating and managing social media accounts. HubYard's concept and implementation bear a lot of similarities to existing commercial social media aggregators like HootSuite. You can link your social media accounts to your HubYard profile and use the application's features to read and manage streams. The current list of supported services includes the usual...

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