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Dmitri Popov
Save Web Pages as Ebooks with Instapaper

Oct 28, 2010 GMT

Instapaper is a simple but genuinely useful service that lets you save Web Pages for later reading. While the service itself is not exactly brimming with features, it does have one nifty function which most ebook readers will appreciate: Instapaper allows you to convert the saved Web pages into nicely formatted ebook files in the ePub or Kindle format. Using this feature is as easy as clicking on the ePub or Kindle link, but before you do that, you might want to organize the saved pages into folders. For example, if you want to create an ebook file containing all Linux- and Open Source-related saved pages, create a separate folder and move these pages into it. Switch then to the folder,...
A Simple Bash Script to Download and Organize Photos

Oct 22, 2010 GMT

When it comes to dowloading photos from a storage card and organizing them in the process, Rapid Photo Downloader is just the ticket. But if you prefer to do that from the command line, here is a simple Bash script cobbled together by yours truly. #!/bin/bash SOURCE_DIR="/media/NIKOND5000/DCIM/100D5000" WORK_DIR=TMP TARGET_DIR=Photos cp -R $SOURCE_DIR $WORK_DIR cd $WORK_DIR exiftool -r -d ../$TARGET_DIR/%Y%m%d/%Y%m%d-%H%M%S- '-FileName<$dateTimeOriginal$MyShutterCount.NEF' -ext NEF ../$WORK_DIR rm -rf ../TMPThe script copies photos from a mounted storage device like an SD card to the TMP folder, organizes the photos into folders by date, and then renames each photo...
Command Line Little Helper: CLI Companion

Oct 14, 2010 GMT

Whether you are a command line newbie or a proficient terminal user, you'll probably appreciate CLI Companion. This nifty little tool couples the terminal with a database of frequently-used commands. So if you need to execute a specific command, you don't have to type it manually and remember all its parameters. Instead, select the command from the list and hit the Apply button. CLI Companion comes with a comprehensive list of commands, and you can easily add your own commands to the database. To do this, press the Add button, enter the command in the Command field, and provide an optional description in the Description field. If the command requires user input, specify it in the User...
Flickr Free: Flickr Client for Android

Oct 13, 2010 GMT

While Flickr features a slick and highly functional mobile interface, it can't replace a native Android client. Especially a client like Flickr Free which boasts a few clever features that make this nifty app a must-have tool for all shutterbugs. As you would expect, Flickr Free allows you to access and browse your photostream, sets, collections, and favorites. You can also view individual photos and perform different actions on them. To do this, long-tap on the currently viewed photos to evoke the context menu. You can then use the available commands to add the photo to favorites, download it to your device, view detailed information about the photo as well as add comments and tags....
Hotot: A Stylish Twitter Client That Packs Power

Oct 07, 2010 GMT

Here is a question: Why would you want to try Hotot when there is a plethora of other Twitter clients out there? The answer is simple: Hotot offers a perfect mix of style and useful features. A pleasant interface gives you quick access to essential features and it sports slick transitions between screens. For each item in the timeline, Hotot provides shortcuts which you can use to retweet (Hotot supports both classic and new retweets) the tweet, mark it as favorite, and reply to it. Like any Twitter clients worth its salt, Hotot supports link shortening, although it can only use the default service. Hotot's default functionality can be expanded using extensions, and the current...
LibreOffice: Liberated

Sep 28, 2010 GMT

It has been a long time coming, but finally it happened: has been forked under the name of LibreOffice. The Document Foundation will oversee the development of LibreOffice. According to the press release, "The Document Foundation is the result of a collective effort by leading independent members of the former community, including several project leads and key members of the Community Council." Red Hat, Canonical, Google, and Novell are among the backers of The Document Foundation and the new fork. The idea of creating an fork and creating an independent foundation is not new and it has been discussed several times by the...
Add Instant Word Count Feature to Writer

Sep 23, 2010 GMT

While the Writer's Tools extension for is developed and maintained by your truly includes the Visual Word Count tool, it does have one serious drawback: it uses a modal window, i.e., you can't do anything until you close the Visual Word Count window. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution that solves that problem. The Live Word Count macro for is written in Python, so it uses a non-modal window which can be opened alongside the current document. To install the macro, create a folder called python in the /home/USER/ directory (where USER is your actual user name), grab the latest version of the script and put it in the...

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