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Dmitri Popov
Beef up Firefox Privacy Features

May 05, 2010 GMT

Whether you want it or not, your Web activities are tracked and analyzed in many different ways. But you don't have to put up with this, especially if you are using Firefox as your primary browser. There are a few handy Firefox extensions that can beef up your favorite browser's privacy features. Here are my three personal favorites.Besides regular cookies planted in your browser by many Web sites, some services add so-called Flash cookies or Local Shared Objects (LSO). Similar to conventional cookies, LSOs collect and share information about your Web usage. But unlike good old cookies, LSOs are particularly difficult to purge from your browser. The aptly named BetterPrivacy extension...
photoDiary: Web-based Photo Album with a Twist

Apr 20, 2010 GMT

Although photoDiary looks like just another Web-based photo album application, it has a couple of nifty features that make it a good choice for hosting and showcasing your photographic masterpieces. For starters, photoDiary is rather straightforward to deploy. Grab the latest release of the application, unpack the downloaded archive, rename the resulting directory to photodiary, and copy it to your server's root. Point then your browser to http://yourserver/photodiary/admin/install.php, and an easy-to-follow wizard guides you through the rest of the installation process. Once photoDiary has been installed, navigate to http://yourserver/photodiary/admin and log in using the credentials...
Extension Watch: Google Mail Checker Plus for Chrome

Apr 18, 2010 GMT

On the face of it, Google Mail Checker Plus (GMCP) looks like just another Chrome extension that displays unread email count. But dig deeper and you'll discover that this extension offers a handful of genuinely useful features that make it a must-have utility for any Gmail user. For starters, GMCP sports the ability to display desktop notifications, so you can be notified about incoming emails even with Chrome running in the background. You can use the notification window not only to preview each new message, but also archive, delete, and mark it as spam. GMCP's options page offers other useful options for you to tweak. Here you can change polling interval, configure GMCP for use with...
Open Source Fonts from Arkandis Digital Foundry

Apr 12, 2010 GMT

Quality open source fonts are pretty thin on the ground, but if you look hard, you can find rare gems like fonts from Arkandis Digital Foundry. The project's page offers a wide range of open source fonts from typefaces based on classics like Times New Roman and Baskerville to decorative fonts and dingbats. All fonts on offer are available in different formats, such as TrueType and OpenType, and they are distributed under the GNU GPL v2 license. You can download a PDF sample for each font, so you can get an idea of what the font looks like and how it can be used.
co-ment: Document Collaboration and Annotation Tool

Apr 02, 2010 GMT

Google Docs is maybe the king among Web-based collaborative editing and document sharing applications, but the productivity suite from the all-mighty giant is not the only fish in the sea. An open source Web-based solution, co-ment provides an efficient document collaboration environment which offers everything you need to edit, annotate, and share documents. co-ment is not just a mere Web-based word processor, though. While you can use co-ment as a no-frills Web-based word processor, it's designed for easy and efficient document annotation. You can create documents from scratch in co-ment, or you can import existing documents. co-ment uses as its conversion back-end, so...
Scribble Away with OI Notepad for Android

Mar 30, 2010 GMT

When it comes to note-taking apps for Android, you can't go wrong with OI Notepad. At first sight, OI Notepad looks pretty bare-bones, but it does offer a few useful features. You can assign tags to notes and use the Tags drop-down list to quickly locate notes containing a specific tag. The real-time search feature finds matching notes as you type, and you can sort notes by date or alphabetically. To change the sorting order press the Menu button and choose Settings List -> Sorting Order. In the Settings section, you can also enable the Auto-create Links option which automatically turns phone numbers and URLs into clickable links. OI Notepad also allows you to share notes (long-press...
Prevent Your Computer from Falling Asleep with Caffeine

Mar 26, 2010 GMT

Tweaking the power settings on your notebook may help to squeeze out more battery life, but this can also turn your machine into a narcoleptic which abruptly falls asleep when you are watching a movie or reading an ebook. Caffeine is a simple utility that can prevent this from happening. To install Caffeine on Ubuntu, add the project's PPA using the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:caffeine-developers/ppaUse then the sudo apt-get install caffeine command to install the utility. Once up and running, Caffeine adds an icon to the notification area. Using the tool is a doddle: click on the icon to enable Caffeine, click again to disable it. You can also enable Caffeine for a...

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