Beginning Fedora

Chapter 4: Preinstallation Steps


Installing any kind of operating system is a big move and can come as something of a shock to your PC. However, Fedora makes this complicated maneuver as easy as possible. Its installation routines are very advanced compared to previous versions of Linux, and even compared to other current distributions.

What does saying that you’re going to install Fedora actually mean? This effectively implies
three things:
• Somehow all the files necessary to run Fedora are going to be put onto your hard disk.
• The PC will be configured so that it knows where to find these files when it first boots up.
• The Fedora operating system will be set up so that you can use it.
However, in order to do all this and get Fedora onto your PC, you must undertake some preparatory work, which is the focus of this chapter.

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