Bazaar Version 1.0 Released

Dec 14, 2007

Version 1.0 of Bazaar, a software for decentralized version control has just been released.

The development of the version control system is mainly promoted by the company behind Ubuntu, Canonical. In contrast to systems such as CVS and Subversion, Bazaar (Unix command "bzr") does nor rely on a central server. Developers can work decentrally and offline with local repositories. Merging ensures consistency with the project’s main branch. All a developer needs to publish their personal code branch is an SFTP server on the Internet. In addition to this, programmers can drop their code off with the Ubuntu developer portal, Launchpad, via the Internet.

Version 1.0 is accompanied by a completely revised user manual and additional documentation. Besides bugfixes and performance boosts, the developers have made the Pack the new standard repository format.

Bazaar relies on Python Version 2.4 or later and is released under the GLPv2 license or newer. The Python API provides a plugin interface. The software is available from the download area as a source code archive, or as a Debian/Ubuntu and Yum repository. There are also versions for Windows and Mac OS X.

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