Fedora 11 Released

Jun 09, 2009

After numerous delays the Red Hat-financed open source project Fedora has released its Linux distro in version 11.

Changes include the usual desktop updates like Gnome 2.26 and KDE 4.2 and the kernel Yet the decision to make ext4 the default file system ensures some real innovations. One of the improved programs is the Anaconda installer for which the storage component was completely rewritten.

Boot time is always an issue with Linux users. Fedora 11 promises a start time of 20 seconds.

Fedora developers have also refreshed visualization possibilities, advancing performance of the interactive console, the wizard for creating virtual guests and SE Linux support for guest security. With the Windows cross compiler MinGW, Fedora 11 has a developer environment that will be a joy to those developers at home in both the Linux and Windows worlds.

The release notes have all the details, and a feature list can be found here. An installable Live-CD for 32 and 64 Bit systems is available for download, along with a PowerPC version.

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  • Fedora 11 .. quick run .. feedback

    Tried Fedora 11 ff the live CD - i386 build
    This feedback is just using it for an hour or two.

    Quick boot.
    Quick shutdown.
    Works pretty well .. snappy for a live CD environment.
    Liked the inclusion of Firefox 3.5 beta ( due for final release this month end I think ).

    Didn't Like
    Package Manager did not work .. ( Just wanted to see the list of packages ).
    No Open Office.
    No Live USB tool.
    No Partition Editor.
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