Gifts for Gamers: Some End-of-Year Recommendations, Part 2

Dec 29, 2009

More games for Linux and open source - a large choice for every taste. Strategy, chess, and more.To be continued.


Warzone 2100

GPL, activated 3D graphics,

Originally released 1999 as a commercial real-time strategy game from Edios Interactive, Warzone has been further developed by a horde of volunteers under the GNU license. Unlike its competitors in the same genre, Warzone 2100 allows for individual unit design with varied unit characteristics and tactics.


Free, 2D graphics,

The turn-based strategy game is still in its early development stages. The object is to create armies in cities to conquer neighboring cities and send heros on quests for treasure.


Free, 2D graphics,

Friends of the turn-based strategy game Panzer General would feel at home with the LGeneral clone. As general, you guide your troups across hexagonal battlefields.


GPL, 2D graphics,

Likewise with a beehive playing field, MegaMek is an unofficial version of the BattleTech board game, with overdimensioned robots pulled into battle.



The strategy game is loosely based on the Risk board game, with some extensions. Taking over the world involves aligning your troops across 700 maps, including phantasy worlds


GPL v3, activated 3D graphics,

Unlike Elite, this space trading and combat game has a bird's-eye view. The object is still to conquer large galaxies.

Privateer: Ascii Sector

Free, 2D graphics,

The game reduces the concept popular in Elite and Privateer to its graphic minimum. The space conquering simulation works exclusively with ASCII characters, with a considerable retro effect.

Mechanical Tower

Free, activated 3D graphics,

Robots gone haywire storm a tower and you must set traps to destroy them before they do the same to you.


Free, 2D graphics,

In a mountainous landscape, opponents try to out each other with fixed cannons. They take turns firing, but need to reckon with wind and ballistics.


GPL, 2D graphics,

A simple chess game with multiple game modes.

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  • More games...

    This games do look awful happy. Here is a site that has less awful games for linux:

    There are promising titles in development so linux games will come and then users will come and then big game companies will start to care for linux few percents more.

    - Alex
  • still far away

    even if we look at Nexuiz, OpenArena, etc we're far away - the technology in use in the currently best looking games on linux are 3-6 years old. Phoronix showed a few promising stuffs but those are still in beta and are only some engines not fully fledged, real games.Yeah, you can use wine and mess around with it, tweak it, etc but what if you only want to play and if you're not into retro stuffs? If you don't care about emulators, snes, gameboy games and others based on Quake 2/3's engine and you want new games then linux is not an option.
  • HUH?? you call this a gift??

    these games looks like they are from the 70's....
    these are not games for gamers..
    if you saw a playstation 3/xbox 360/new windows games than you should know these are not real games..
    there are almost no games for linux.
    some games works with wine but....
    windows is still a must if you want games now dont put these games and say linux has games for gamers..
    i didnt even read the post.. but i hate to see these posts with no real games and say games for linux..
    who needs these games?????
    do you really play them?
  • Gifts for Gamers

    Hi folks.
    Here's another gift for you.
    Fortmactux released a new live dvd games version (i.e. no install required).
    It contains FlightGear1.9.0 , Alice3D , DukeNukem3D, etc.
    Download from ibiblio linux distros (fortmactux) at

    Have Fun.

    David Toms (fortmactux)
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