GitX Clone Gitg Moves to 0.0.4

Jul 11, 2009

The young Gitg project, which visualizes a graphical representation of git data for Mac OS X under Gtk+/GNOME, allows check-ins and merges in its newest release 0.0.4, among other things.

The only months old software now lets users check in versions and create and merge local and remote branches. Gitg is a repository viewer for the git version control system by collaborating with the GitX GUI, using C and Gtk+.

The program, for example, browses revision histories. It doesn't make the pretense of a complete git GUI, but integrates the most important commands, such as for staging, unstaging and committing. The Gitg webpage claims that it can handle large repositories of 17,000 or more revisions in less than a second.

Downloads of version 0.0.4 are currently available on Freshmeat only. The Gitg webpage does not as yet include a link, and the Debian site still recommends packaging it yourself.

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