Graphics Application Krita Gets Photoshop Import

Dec 03, 2009

Following the release of KOffice 2.1, developers of the free office suite met last weekend in Norway's Oslo. Among them were the five strong team from Krita.

The KDE graphics application has found it difficult to escape from the shadow of the famous Gimp, despite having practically all the functions Gimp has, and even some it doesn't.

Until now, one of Krita's main shortcomings was the absence of Photoshop import. As he reports in his blog, Krita developer Boudewijn Rempt began work on an import filter for versions 2.1.1 and 2.2 immediately after the Oslo meeting. The filter is based on the free tool psdparser, which should be relatively easy to integrate into Krita.

To achieve their set goals for version 2.2, developers are calling for cash donations.

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