Green Wine: Q4Wine Tool in Version 0.113

Oct 07, 2009

Q4Wine is a Qt4 program that manages Windows programs using the Wine emulator API. Version 0.113 shows a number of new features.

The Q4Wine Qt4 tool is a useful add-on for anyone with a KDE desktop who frequently works with ISO image files of Windows programs. The new version adds the


command interface and the embedded


component that acts much like a media management tool for Wine. Q4Wine adds drag-and-drop of ISO images and remembers the last eight mounted images.

The program also remembers the last eight applications run and adds an .xpm graphics filter to import Windows icons. Q4Wine has a new homepage and the Ukrainian developers fixed a number of bugs, the English translation and some Qt 4.4 compilation errors.

Q4 Wine Screenshot
Q4wine provides media management support.

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