Hiawatha 7.0 becomes Monitoring Application

Feb 15, 2010

Version 7 of the GPL webserver introduces a monitoring application.

The Hiawatha Monitor is a PHP 5 web application with MySQL database. It can run on the same host as the webserver, or an alternative. The monitor utilizes the Banshee web framework.

Besides this, Hiawatha now uses XSLT to display index content. The old option ''IndexStyle'' has been dropped. Thanks to Cygwin 1.7, the Windows version now includes support for Ipv6. Hiawatha 6.7 and older version users should ensure the URL rewriting has changed its name by the upgrade.

Hiawatha is available for download as sourcecode and binary version for Mac OS and Windows. Unofficial packages for various Linux distros and OpenBSD are also available. A FreeBSD port can be found at Freshports.

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