KDE 4.3.5 Repairs Directory Issues

Jan 27, 2010

For the fifth bugfix and translation update for the KDE Software Compilation 4.3, developers tackled among other things some hideous directory manifestations.

Many users complained that Dolphin was not showing new or changed files in symlinked directories. A similar problem emerged with the inotify function with Kernel 2.6.31 and later that failed to show new or deleted files in Dolphin or the desktop without users having to refresh.

The issue of the semantic desktop Nepomuk causing crashes in DBus was also resolved in KDE 4.3.5. The changelog includes the entire list of fixes.

The project recommends upgrading to the new release in its announcement, along with the download site. The first release candidate for KDE 4.4 was in early January, with the first stable KDE release scheduled for the beginning or middle of February.

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