Karesansui 1.0: Web-Based Management for Xen Guests

Jun 01, 2009

The Japanese software project Karesansui has released the first version of its open source software. The Web console allows management of virtual systems under Xen.

Karesansui provides creation of virtual guests and starting, suspending and shutting down the VM. It also takes snapshots and assigns CPU and RAM resources.

A tutorial with screenshots describes the installation, configuration and use of Karesansui. The project recommends using the free Enterprise Linux CentOS 5.3 or later as the host platform.

The open source application includes the libvirt virtualization library, Python, the Lighttpd web server, the Tightvncviewer VNC client and various JQuery JavaScript libraries for a dynamic Web interface. The vital components are under LGPL, others under GPL or MIT license.

The source code for Karensansui 1.0.0 is on SourceForge.jp as RPM packages or executable binary installer. Karesansui is the Japanese word for the living work of art and mind-scape known as a rock or Zen garden.

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  • There's a lot better

    I wonder what's the goal of such project, when everything it does can be done on the command line. It's yet another web interface that wont give any help to hosting customers. Nothing to compare to this project:

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