Lean and Mean Bug Killer: Amarok 2.0.1

Jan 09, 2009

Amarok's version 2.0.1 kills 33 bugs and, thanks to numerous improvements, needs a lot less RAM.

Besides the bugfixes, Amarok 2.0.1 comes with a dozen changes and improvements, and includes some popular features from Amarok 1.x: sorting collection by composer, the "stop after track" feature in the playlist menu and an automatic recovery option to MySQL embedded server.

Changes in the code have vastly reduced memory size and developers have increased support for MTP devices and iPods, enabling multiple track deletion and status bar notification on copying or deleting tracks on iPod.
A list of changes and bugfixes can be found at Softpedia.com. The source code is available on the KDE Project's FTP mirrors.

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