Maarch Entreprise 1.0 Manages Digital Documents and Physical Archives

Dec 23, 2009

French company Maarch has released the first version of its free document management system.

Maarch Entreprise 1.0 archives electronic documents or their PDF versions. It also provides batch importing of scanned paper into image files. For physical archives, the software generates barcodes for labeling.

The modular system provides conversion of PDFs that include graphics or graphics plus text into plain text, possible through the OCR technology of the Tesseract project sponsored by Google. The text versions are indexed, with the search enabled through Apache Lucene.

Maarch Entreprise is a web application based on PHP 5.2. Possible databases can be MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8.1-8.4, Microsoft SQLServer 2005 or Oracle 10g/11g. The software is under GPLv3 and available for download. The project also provides a useful guided tour.

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