Major Fedora Relocation

Dec 06, 2009

The Fedora project is planning on moving their server infrastructure between December 12 and December 15. Certain services will not be available for 48 hours.

The Fedora project is moving house. Starting December 12, 2009 servers, disk trays, and various other hardware elements will be transported to the new Fedora location. The move should be completed by December 15th, 2009 and users can expect a noticeably quicker operating system as a result.

The Fedora project is prepared to ensure its major services run as smoothly as possible throughout the course of the relocation. should continuously function and thus packet instillation via Yum is not expected to be affected. However, the Buildsystem will not be available for 48 hours. Those interested in the relocation and related issues, can check out ticket number 1845 for details.

A similar outage took place in September with the OpenSuse project due to a necessary electrical supply transfer to the server room. In this case, however, the work took place over the weekend.

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