New KDE Offers Better Semantic Search

Apr 21, 2014

New release comes with better semantic search and improvements to Kontact.

The KDE community has announced a major update to its desktop application set. KDE Software Compilation 4.13 includes bug fixes and many new features. KDE developers have focused on building a new infrastructure for semantic search, and the Kontact personal information manager includes several improvements.
The mail client KMail has better support for cloud storage services. (Instead of an attachment, a user can send a link to Dropbox, Box, YouSendIt, Kolab server, or another cloud storage service.) Kontact improvements include a cache to speed up most operations .
The document viewer Okular can now open multiple documents in tabs. KDE also adds a new mouse mode that displays a magnifying glass. The Kate text editor has several improvements, and a new application called Artikulate helps you pronounce words in foreign languages.
As of this writing, only the source code is available for most Linux distributions, although Arch and Gentoo users can already install the update directly. Users of other Linux distros will have to wait on binary packages, although work is already underway to integrate KDE 4.13 with package repositories and future updates.

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