Open Source Client for VMware View

Feb 05, 2009

Virtualization specialist VMware has released a free Linux client for its VMware View desktop solution.

VMware View, formerly known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), serves desktop virtualization whereby instances of desktop OSs run on a server and clients (typically with thin client hardware) essentially do the input and output. The benefit is among other things that virtualized desktops can be centrally managed.

VMware View Open Client, the open source adjunct to the proprietary desktop solution, is a client for Linux machines wanting to connect with traditional Windows desktops. The open client is optimized for thin client hardware, with Hewlett-Packard involved in its development, partly so that its Linux thin clients can be certified with VMware View. The open client is also planned to be part of Wyse Technology's thin computing solutions.

Features of the Linux client include SSL tunneling, two-factor authentication through RSA SecurID, and a full command line interface. Not included are multiple desktop sessions and USB or multimedia redirection.

VMware View Open Client is under an LGPL 2.1 license. The company hopes by these industry-friendly conditions to port the product to further operating systems and hardware platforms. Sources and binaries are available from the Google Code website.


  • MM can wait for PCoIP

    Shame no MM redirection... but with PCoIP possibly being native in VIEW soon, this might make the RDP agent here redundant very soon? Still, sets a bar and will be good to see the PCoIP client released for linux eventually...

    Definately good to get the proper client out though - some solutions from endpoint clients just don't quite hit correctly. Perhaps someone can figure out the redirection considering it's open source!
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