Open Source Time Management Adds Break Policies

Oct 22, 2009

The TimeTrex company has released version 3.0.0 of its payroll and time management business software with new hourly rate and break policy settings.

TimeTrex 3.0.0 provides variable hourly rate and break policy settings per employee. Breaks and meals can now be made auto-detectable through time windows or punch times. Developers also improved the hierarchy structure for authorizations and permissions.

The Time and Attendance module supports time management through timeclocks, RFID cards, fingerprint sensors or over the phone. The open source software also provides a Web interface, such as for employees working from home.

TimeTrex Time and Attendance 3.0.0 is PHP software licensed under AGPLv3 and is available on SourceForge as binaries for installation and source code. The TimeTrex homepage provides training and available services. A demo is also available on request.

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