Pentoo 2009.0 with Updated Tools

Dec 07, 2009

Pentoo, a LiveCD used for penetration testing, is available in version 2009.0.

Pentoo developers joke in their release announcement that version 2009.0 just makes it before year's end. The Linux kernel in the Gentoo-based system bears the version number The aufs union and squashfs-lzma compressed filesystems are included. The WiFi stack is even more current and comes from kernel 2.6.32_rc7, with patches for injection and fragmentation.

The Pentoo 2009.0 tools include the Burpsuite test platform and the Kismet metasploit framework. The Qemu virtualization software with virt-manager allows playing system images. Tool additions include Airpwn for package injections in WEP networks and the Wapiti script vulnerability fuzzer.

The new Pentoo release for 32-bit and 64-bit processors is ready for download as CD image.

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