PowerTOP Releases v2.0

May 17, 2012

PowerTOP releases v2.0 of its Linux tool, with improved diagnostics and user interface.

Current highlights of the PowerTOP v2.0 tool include: greatly enhanced diagnostic capabilities using the Linux kernel perf framework; a new tab-based UI that displays more detailed information in real time; and advanced reporting capabilities for offline analysis including HTML5 and CSV formats.

According to the announcement, PowerTOP v2.0 features the use of a hardened library, called libparseevents, for accessing the kernel perf infrastructure. Also, full support has been added for CPU idle, frequency, and power traces, along with expanded frequency state reporting for CPUs with more than 10 states. With these additions, PowerTOP v2.0 shows how programs affect CPU utilization and demonstrates the impact on important power-saving sleep states.

For more details, see: https://01.org/powertop/ or download the tool from here.

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