Scary Monsters and Stinky Fruit: The New Blender Open Movie Project

May 11, 2009

Are you an artist or a 3D specialist? If so you can apply for a job at Blender. The project will begin work on its latest open source movie in September. The film title: Durian.

With a June 10 application deadline and previous Blender experience required, anyone interested should contact Ton Roosendaal for one of the 4 to 6 jobs available. Those that make the team will receive travel expenses, housing in Amsterdam, (shared apartment with own room), and a compensation fee that is modest but more than enough to cover normal living costs.

Following Elephant and Big Buck Bunny, Durian (aka “stinky fruit” because of its pungent odor) will be the third open source film created with Blender. The fantasy plot will involve scary monsters and a female lead. The project is financed from pre-sales of DVDs and donations.

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